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Louvered ventilators

• louver smoke vents mcr LAM;
• louver air supply ventilators mcr LAM-N.
Louver smoke vents mcr LAM are intended for removing smoke and toxic fire gases and ventilation, whereas louver air-supply ventilators mcr LAM-N provide supply of fresh air inside the building.
Those new Mercor products along with mcr Prolight smoke vents and mcr Prosmoke smoke curtains are the basic range of a complete smoke exhaust system.
Louvered ventilators can be used in storehouses, industrial, sport and trade facilities, especially in passages and atria, as well as inside high buildings. They provide natural ventilation with any wind force, which is vital for high buildings. Use of louvered vents may be a perfect solution for high slope roofs (20% slope) and roofs with many components protruding over the roof slope that can preclude full opening of a double-leaf vent.
- pneumatic control system – consisting vent installed components, i.e. pneumatic actuators, thermal cut-out with CO2 cartridge and other control system components: alarm boxes with CO2 cartridges, ventilation boxes supplied with compressed air
- electrical control system - consisting of vent installed electrical actuators supplied with 24V safety voltage and other control system components: smoke detectors/thermal detectors, manual desmoking switches (RPO-1), desmoking central units (mcr 9705, mcr 0204) and venting switches