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Sunlight is the healthiest source of light. Most of the natural sunlight is brought in through skylights that are widely used in modern architectural applications.
Smoke removal skylights with steel frame can be used on flat or sloped roofs. Their basic function is to remove smoke and high temperature from the facilities in a case of fire.
The skylight covers open to 90 degrees, depending on the manner of opening. Additionally, skylights can be used for ventilating. We offer dome skylights constructed of galvanised steel base with double (triple) dome made of acryl, polyester, polycarbonate or polycarbonate plate. The hatch is fixed to the frame by hinges. The frame is made of galvanised steel sheet and provided with thermal insulation.
1. Dome;
2. Aluminium frame;
3. Steel wing frame;
4. Wing crossbar;
5. Base crossbar;
6. Lifting device;
7. Lifting device fixing;
8. Lifting device adjustment;
9. Steel base;
10. Base insulation;
11. Gasket;
12. Base sole.
Skydome base: may be manufactured of PVC or 1~2 mm zinc plated steel sheets. Standard height: 30 cm or 50 cm. Sole 100 mm (for fastening to the roof structure). 20 mm thickness thermal insulation.
• 40 mm thermal insulation;
• Painting in RAL colour;
• Protective bars;
• Tailor-made dimension base.