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Fireproof curtains are made of:
• special fireproof cloth,
• roller in the enclosed stainless steel case connected to automatic controls,
• galvanised metal plate weight-bar at the bottom of the curtain,
• power supply unit,
• central control unit MCR 9705.
The structure consists of a roller contained in the zinc plated steel case and automatic controls. The roller is covered with fireproof material. Dimensions of the roller and fireproof material match the size of the opening where the curtain will be fixed. The roller body can be fixed to partitions, ceiling or walls using special fastening elements.
The weight-bar at the bottom of the curtain and 24V automatic controls guarantee proper curtain rolling up or down.  Control unit supply:  MCR network, 230 V~. In a case of network supply failure the system will remain operable 72 hours. 
Fireproof smoke curtains are activated when:
• smoke or temperature sensor is activated
• ROP or RPO-1 button is pressed,
• signal is received from fire safety central unit.